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Doing the replacement of your battery by yourself can be dangerous. With the small chance of an explosion, and the larger chance of electric shock, it’s important to realize that battery replacement is nothing to take lightly. We suggest you follow the example of every person in the professional battery replacement division of City Garage Grand Prairie and wear protective eye-wear and gloves.

If however, you aren’t interested in doing it yourself, or you think there may be a bigger problem, the professionals at City Garage Grand Prairie are ready and willing to help you out. Give us a call today! If you need to schedule an appointment with our ASE certified technicians, simply call us or visit us online and make one at your own convenience. We even offer free Wi-Fi for all of our customers, and in the event that you need to drop your vehicle off at our shop, we can have it delivered back to your home or office! Give City Garage Grand Prairie a call today!