Emissions testing is required for all vehicles in Texas, and it is required every year. It’s known as Air Check Texas, and the requirements for it will differ based upon your county. Nevertheless, City Garage Grand Prairie knows what your vehicle is going to need to pass the test with flying colors. Get one of our ASE certified mechanics today! City Garage Grand Prairie wants to help!

If your vehicle does not pass the test originally, you can take what is called the emissions repair test. This test is taken after the necessary modifications have been performed, and your car still does not meet the standard that the Emissions test in Texas requires. If this is the case, you can apply for a waiver to your vehicle. If you can provide proof that your vehicular use is minimal, your car emissions are low, or that the cost of meeting the standard is unreasonably high. Any of these can qualify you to receive a waiver. Give City Garage Grand Prairie a call today!

Your Grand Prairie City Garage mechanics are highly experienced at conducting automobile emissions tests, and getting their customers to pass. With City Garage Grand Prairie, you can rest assured that we’ll find you a solution to getting your car to meet the emission standards of Texas. Schedule an appointment with us today, over the phone or online! You can drop off your car here, and when the repair is finished one of our City Garage mechanics will drop it off at your home or office!