Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments

Grand Prairie, TX, Motorists – When Was the Last Time You Had Your Wheel Alignment Checked?

Although many drivers are quite conscientious about checking their tire pressures, or completing a regular inspection of their tires in order to make sure they’re not scraped or ripped, they may not always realize the importance of checking the alignment. Front and rear wheel alignment is vital if your tires are going to wear evenly – if the alignment is wrong, tires will wear more on one side than the other, leading to premature replacement being required.

Full Range of Alignment Services

Contrary to what many people think, vehicle tire alignment doesn’t actually involve adjusting the tires or wheels of your vehicle. Alignment involves minute adjustments of the suspension, changing the angle of the tires as they hit the road surface. Our alignment service involves looking at all three aspects of alignment: caster (steering axis angle); toe (how much the wheels are inward or outward turned); and camber. We make both back and front end alignment, making sure that each wheel is aligned optimally with respect to the chassis as well as in relation to the other tires in the set.

Wheel Alignment Specials in Grand Prairie, TX

When you turn to us for your wheel alignment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how reasonable our prices are! Not only do we offer a free yearly alignment check for all our customers, we also give you access to an exceptional range of special offers and promotional deals through to becoming a member of our preferred customer club – a great option if you want to save on your car maintenance and servicing requirements. It’s worth noting that even if you’ve had rear and front wheel alignment completed in the past few months, if you notice your car is pulling to the left or right, detect uneven tire wear or steering wheel vibration, it’s probably sensible to schedule an appointment for an alignment check. Any of those symptoms could be indicative of wheels that have somehow managed to become misaligned in some way.

Wheel Alignment Near Me in Grand Prairie, TX

Our aim is to provide the maintenance and service options your vehicle needs to reduce wear and tear on the engine, tires and other components. The secret of car longevity is plenty of attention, which is exactly what it receives when you schedule a visit with us for a wheel alignment or similar work. To find out more about the services we provide or to make an appointment for an alignment check, call us at (972) 262-9090.